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Trends show that within the last decade the rapid advancement of technology has drastically changed the way home buyers search for homes. We have followed these trends closely and designed our marketing strategy to adapt fluidly with these continually changing technological advancements in communication.

Strong Web Presence

95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home, be it through a computer, mobile phone or tablet. We understand this fact and leverage the internet to showcase your home to thousands of home buyers through a multitude of platforms.

We have you covered.


Executive Real Estate Home Syndication

Executive Real Estate syndicates your home to 100’s of websites. When we list your home on the MLS our syndication database takes that information and syndicates it to every corner of the internet. This places your home in front of 1000’s of potential home buyers no matter what web listing platform they’re searching.

If new listing platforms happen to pop up overnight, our database is updated along with it. This means you can rest easy knowing that our reach expands along with these advancement and changes of current search trends and web platforms.

Multiple MLS Coverage

Since we service the entire state of Connecticut, we are proud members of Multiple MLS Boards: The Statewide MLS (GFMLS), Fairfield MLS (CMLS), and Greenwich MLS (GRWMLS). This allows us to encompass the entire state. This also places your home in front of every Buyer’s Realtor belonging to these boards. So when your home in entered into these Multiple Listing Services, any agent working with a home buyer will see your home, giving your home first placement for these agents matching home criteria to their buyer’s needs.

Along with the above, we’re enrolled in the CTMLS feature called the Data Co-Op which shares MLS listing data with out of state Multiple Listing Systems. We are also members of (Massachusetts, New York, Florida & Rhode Island Multiple Listing Systems).

International MLS

Executive Real Estate International MLS IMLSExecutive Real Estate is also members of the International MLS. The IMLS is a Global portal with more than 1,000,000 listings in 60 countries. The IMLS is an initiative led by brokers in the real estate industry with the goal of bringing together agents, brokers, developers, associations, MLS’s, buyers, and sellers. This will place your home in front of international buyers looking for homes in Connecticut, and once more increases the chance of your home being seen by the person who ultimately purchases your home.

Visual Engagement

We live in a visually stimulating world full of high definition television, internet and social media photos and videos. Images and videos engage, they tell stories, they inform and communicate with their viewers. Research has proven that depending on the quality, images can increase or decrease the chances of a home buyer becoming actively engaged and interacting with your home. For these facts alone is the reason why that the argument of whether or not to use professional home imagery is no longer negotiable. This is why Executive Real Estate uses an in-house professional photographer/videographer to create stunning photographs and videos of your home.

Professional Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography engages the viewer and dramatically increases the chance of a home buyer wanting to see your home. Professional images showcase your home in it’s most optimal fashion.

Professional Videography

Video is the hottest trend today. With the ability to stream YouTube to your phone, tablet and television devices, it’s one of the most engaging and effective mediums of marketing on the internet. We use video to take viewers on a tour of your home, as well as use editing techniques that evoke an emotional sense which best represents your home.

Seller Resources

It is the one thing that almost everyone does at one point in their lives – sells their home. This can be a very confusing time, filled with many questions and few answers. It is hard to understand all of the questions you may have about selling your home. Fortunately, Executive Real Estate can help.

Executive Real Estate can help you with all of the questions you have about selling your home. Executive Real Estate has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. We pride ourselves on quality customer service. Our customers come first and we make selling your home, the same way. We will make you our first priority.

Below is a list of resources to guide you through the selling process, to hopefully make it a smooth transition into your new home.

Let's begin the home selling process so that you can understand how easy and hassle-free Executive Real Estate agents make it for our valued clients.