5 Ways Solar Saves You Money

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By Tim Smith

It’s no secret that alternative energy sources are popular. Even homeowners are seeking ways to power their homes without completely relying on the local utility provider. Solar power is one of the cleanest, easiest ways to power your home. It helps you to save money in many ways.


Electric Bill Reduction

Homeowners who install solar panels may be able to reduce their monthly electric bills by using solar power first and supplementing it with electricity from the utility provider. While the price reduction on the bill may just be a few cents per kilowatt-hour, over time, they will add up to significant savings.

Tax Incentives

If you live in certain areas, installing solar panels on the home could save you money on your taxes at the end of the year. While some national tax incentives have expired, according to, California is just one state that offers region incentives for adding solar power to your home. Search online to find the incentives available in the forms of tax credits or rebates in your area to maximize your solar power savings.

Solar Water Heating

If you are using electricity to heat your water, you could save money by using a solar water heater. These use only one or two solar panels on the roof to heat the water actively or passively. They are a good option if you want to choose a solar option for your home without covering your roof completely with solar panels, but most homes will also need a conventionally heated backup system for overcast days.


Resale Value

Solar panels may increase the resale value in certain areas. Places such as California are hot markets for green homes with solar panels already installed. Sunny locations in the Southwest tend to have the most favorable climates for re-selling a home with solar panels.

Pool Heating

Even in cooler climates, solar energy can save homeowners money. Most homeowners need to heat their pools if they wish to swim comfortably for more than three months of the years, but electric and gas pool heaters can be expensive and dependent upon utility costs at the time. Solar pool heaters bring down these costs and save homeowners money. Compared to using solar panels to power a home, solar pool heaters do not require as much direct sunlight to warm the pool water. If you live in an especially hot region with pool water that is too warm in the summer, a solar pool heater can cool down the water at night.

Solar energy can save homeowners money in many ways. The savings garnered over the years can offset the initial investment in solar panels for heating household water, warming the pool water or powering the home. Isn’t it time that you considered solar for your home?

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5 Ways Solar Saves You Money