700 Pound Bear Terrorizes Homeowners

By: Johnny RealEstate


(Incline Village, Colorado)

An enormous bear estimated to weigh around 700 pounds and covered with bullet wounds has ransacked almost 50 garages and homes of the Colorado residents of Incline Village, causing around $70,000 in damage. He has even broken into a church.

The bear, or “Bubba”, breaks into the houses through the garage by smashing out the door panels, once inside he likes to help himself to the goodies lurking in the refrigerator and freezer, and leaves baseball sized droppings inside the house as well. Once animal control arrives on scene the bear slowly lumbers away, but returns promptly after they’ve gone. The bear has avoided the traps which are set specifically for him as if he knows what they are, and the bullets fired at him have ricocheted off his skull and body. A biologist of the Nevada department of Wildlife claims that they’ve been chasing this bear for over three years and has never seen behavior like this before.

The bear was eventually tracked to it’s den by hunter Richard Kendall, and then terminated, causing a lot of controversy in the un-sportsmen way in which he killed 700-pound Bubba.