Couples Dream Home Infested with Snakes

By: Johnny RealEstate


Rexburg, Idaho

Remember the scene in “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” where the room just seemed to be made of slithering snakes? One Idaho couple got to live and re-live that scene, inside of their own dream home.

Ben and Amber Sessions had bought the five bedroom home for under $180,000 which made it seem like a steal. They moved in and soon discovered that it was too good to be true. The property was infested with hundreds of garter snakes. There are so many snakes that the lawn seems to move.

Every morning the house would have to be “swept” for snakes before a pregnant wife and two small children could get out of bed and start their day. Sessions claims that he “waged a war” on the snakes but had lost. In one day he had killed 42 snakes and just couldn’t go on playing the part of exterminator.

The Sessions filed for bankruptcy and the home is now owned by JP Morgan Chase which briefly listed it for $109,200. The house is now off the market until it can be decided on what can be done.

The home must be built on a snake den, or hibernaculum, and during the warm weather the snakes leave the den and spread out into the lawn.

All of the neighbors knew about the infestation during the previous occupancy and claim that they would have said something to the perspective buyers but did not see them until they had already moved in, and by then it was too late.

CBS News reports “(The couple) had signed a document that noted the snake infestation. They said they had been assured by their real estate agent that the snakes were was just a story invented by the previous owners to leave their mortgage behind… according to the (couple), their neighbors, and the videos and photographs taken by them and past residents of the house. The couple said it seemed like almost everyone else in this tiny southeastern Idaho college town knew about (the snakes)”.

So is this a case of fraud or a lesson in “let the buyer beware”?