Do 20 Naked Statues Raise Your Property Value

By: Johnny RealEstate


(Los Angeles, California)

Does having 20 statues of Michelangelo’s David adorn your front lawn and driveway double the value of your landmark Hancock Park estate? Homeowner Norwood Young seems to believe so.

The house was originally purchased in 1997 for 1.2 million dollars, and is now back on the market for 2.4 million. The estate features 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a wet-bar in the master suite, a “Black Liberace” great room, a home theater room, and a closet with a dry cleaner style conveyor.

The homeowner claims that the statues represent the biblical character David going to slay the mighty Goliath, and Young himself claims that he has faced many Goliaths during his life, so to him the statues represent something personal.

Around Christmas time Young has been known to dress the statues in Santa costumes and replicated Michael Jackson jackets too. People from surrounding neighborhoods come to see these oddities as well as take a lot of photographs.

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