Florida Homeowners Foreclose on Bank of America

By: Johnny RealEstate


Have you ever heard of a homeowner foreclosing on a bank? That’s exactly what happened to a North Carolina branch of Bank of America when they accused Florida homeowners Warren and Maureen Nyerges of defaulting on their mortgage. The Nyerges claimed that they paid cash for their home and didn’t owe the bank anything.

The Nyerges’ attorney was able to prove in court that the couple never had a mortgage and that they indeed paid cash for their home. By order of the Magistrate, Bank of America had to pay $2,500 in legal fees of the wrongfully accused couple, and after 5 months still had not complied to the court order.

Their attorney obtained a court order to seize the banks assets, and with 2 sheriff’s deputies and a moving company went to foreclose on the bank last Friday (6/3/2011). He locked the bank manager out of the bank, and then gave orders to start taking the computers, desks, copiers, filing cabinets and even the cash from the teller’s drawers. An hour after the lockout began the bank manager handed over a check to the homeowners for the sum of $5,772.88.

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