Garbage Truck Converted Into Mobile Home

By: Johnny RealEstate


Would you want to live inside of this garbage truck? Well before you answer that, check out the amenities while taking a peek inside.

The inner dimensions; Length: 20´3´´, Width: 7´9´´, Height: 6´7´´ and this hatchback-homestead weights in at 43,860 pounds. An average garbage truck can weight around 33,000 pounds and up, while cargo, delivery, wrecker trucks weights anywhere from 14,000 – 33,000 pounds depending on their vehicle class/size. Which means that there is at least 14,000 pounds of extra “features” packaged into this transportation fortress.

garbage-truck-home3This “garbagarbage-truck-home21ge truck” has been modifiedgarbage-truck-home4 into a cozy, but state-of-the-art, living space designed to exploit every square inch of the unit making this a modern marvel of form and function. This four-wheeling mobile address features areas like the bedroom, bathroom, office, lounge and other amenities including a central vacuum system, back-up camera, two air suspended seats with two jump-seats which are convertible into a bed, search lights, GPS system, a crane for loading of a spare tire, a tire pressure regulator, roof racks with a branch guard, and a ZF 12-speed tip-matic transmission.


The TERRACROSS “Home on Wheels” was developed by UNICAT and the model shown in the photographs is the EX63-HD / MAN TGA 6×6

The living area contains a U-shaped seating unit with an adjustable foldable table on a pedestal which is located in the rear of the cabin, and the seating unit also converts into a double-bed.

The customer has their choice of either fabric, leather or ALCANTARA for the interior upholstery, and all materials and finishes of the entire interior can be specifically chosen. UNICAT also claims that all the furniture has been “custom built to the highest cabinet making standard out of wood core plywood using heavy duty locks and hinges”.

Located in the lifting roof area is a double bed with “very comfortable mattresses” (5´11´´ x 6´7´´).

garbage-truck-home6garbage-truck-home5The kitchen features a VARICOR countertop with integrated sink, an LPG 3-flame stove with oven, an Espresso machine, cabinets with locking drawers on ball bearings as well as cut-out holders to keep the glasses and silverware from rolling about, and also two fridge/freezers with three-star ratings and a 52 gallon capacity.

The “sanitary room” contains a separate shower and toilet room with doors to separate the room from the living area, a washstand with VARICOR wash basin, and it can also be used as dry storage due to it`s own radiator.

The lighting system is an integrated low voltage XELOGEN lights which are located over the table, kitchen, hall way, shower, storage area and lifting roof. There are lights for the outside aluminum storage containers, and also reading lights over the bed and sitting areas.

The unit is all-wheel-drive with central differential locks for the front and rear axles.

garbage-truck-home8garbage-truck-home7It carries a water cooled Fischer-Panda diesel generator with a 1-cylinder diesel engine for power, and the cooling-water circulation is connected to the engine cooling system.

All of the plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing and there is a city water connector and outside shower as well.

All of the doors to the interior of the unit are double-sealed and contain heavy duty safety cylinder locks with seal compression and are all keyed alike.

There is even a hydraulic motorbike rack on the rear of the unit which can hold two motorbikes.

The unit is for sale, “like new”, with 15.000 km of mileage and comes with a full two-year warranty. The list price is 841.348 Euros.

This garbage truck would be an awesome addition with the Zombie-proof house and The World, Residences at Sea for Best Place to Ride out the Apocalypse.