Realtor’s First Home Showing; What else could go wrong?

By: Anonymous Agent


On the morning of my first solo showing of a house as a Realtor I arrived early hoping to get a great start to my new day. Due to the massive amounts of New England snow, there was no parking on Main Street. I had decided to turn my vehicle around in a snow-filled driveway.

As I backed-up into the driveway my car became stuck immediately! “How classy” I thought, as the front end of my car obtrusively stuck out onto Main Street disrupting the flow of traffic, at the first house I was going to show.

My rear-wheel-drive car, still stuck in the snowed driveway, going nowhere and the front end jutting out into Main Street disturbing the flow of traffic; what to do? After a short while, at last, a glimmer of hope; a Good Samaritan with a chain appears and offers to use it to pull my car out!

But the attempt at rescuing my vehicle from the icy claws of a snowed driveway was hopelessly futile. I then turned around and to my surprise another Good Samaritan offering his help in the form of pushing my car from behind.

Thankfully the client wasn’t upset and we both agreed to try again later. “Sounds good to me” he said as he drove away, and I feeling like an idiot. What a great personal blow to my business-esteem and not a good start to my personal career!

What else could go wrong?