Realtor’s First Snow Expedition; What else could go wrong?

By: Anonymous Agent


Who thought that being a realtor entitled having to trudge through the snow like a one man arctic expedition?

I have a client who is interested in constructing a new house on a building lot we have listed.  Sounds fairly simple, right?

The problem is that an electric pole obtrusively stands right in the middle of the lot. The client truly hates it claiming that it’s unsightly and interferes with the placement of the new house; it has to go.

I found out after talking to our local utility company, that they’ll research the possibility of removing the pole as long as I confirm the pole number. It sounded fairly easy, so off I went!

Arriving at the scene I hopped out of my car and noticed that between me and pole was a yard full of daunting piles of snow, snow and more snow.

My eager eyes restlessly searched for a path, any break in the white endless abyss. I spotted what I had thought to be breaks in the snow drifts and I visually calculated my route through the [somewhat] empty lot. Crossing my fingers, I started my trek.

Figuring that the frozen layer of ice would at least support some of my weight, I took my first step, and sunk through the ice-crust and was now waste deep into the snow. There was a crunching sound with every step I took. “I should have brought my snowshoes for this” I though.

I had no choice but to keep going.

Walking through deep snow is extremely difficult work. I was only halfway there and already breathing heavily. After walking for what seemed like forever I looked up and noticed, much to my surprise, the utility pole towering over me.

With all the effort I had put forth into getting there, it only took me a few seconds to accomplish my task, reading the telephone pole number.

My goal was complete, almost. I now had the return trip to tackle. Turning around I peered back to my vehicle and it seemed to be even further away than I remembered.

Maybe it was because I now had the feeling like I was being watched, but my anxiety started to rise and I really wanted to get back and out of the snow in a hurry. Being that this property was along Main Street, the drivers which passed by gave me glances like I was completely nuts.

I tucked my head down and trekked back at double-time the pace than the first trip. My determination was moving faster than my legs, so when I glanced up at the street, I fell face first into the snow.

Covered head-to-toe with snow, I rose from my snowy tomb like an angry abominable snowman. I know stuff happens but this was above and beyond the call of duty!

I finally staggered back onto the road, my first thought being to get out of sight from the admiring motorists, so I scurried back into my car. The heater from the car melted the snow off of me and I watched it slowly melt into a puddle onto the floor mat.

I am wet, cold and toughly embarrassed. What else could go wrong?

My wife has called be a klutz, but I don’t agree, but to be on the safe side, please keep this story under your hat.