Texas Man Buys An Entire Texas Town

By: Johnny RealEstate


(Albert, Texas)

This was considered a “Realtor’s dream”, an entire town was for sale in Texas, a property which not only made national headlines but it was also heard about around the world.

The small town of Albert Texas, known for having a school which taught a younger President Lyndon B. Johnson, is only home to four residents.

The town was on the market for nearly a year when a local billboard ad caught the attention of a man from Austin, Brandon Easley. He was unaware that the property for sale had made world headlines and even attracted a man from Poland who had arrived to film a story about the property.

Brandon was really exited about the purchase, and seeing the endless possibilities, wants to fix the place up.

Both Easley and his Realtor would not disclose the final sale price of the town of Albert Texas.