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We are one of the largest independent Real Estate firms throughout Connecticut! As far as being independent, this means we are a homegrown business, started freely by a handful of Connecticut Realtors and owned singly. Basically, we’re not confined or bound, by or with, corporate restraint. Everything we do focuses on the growth of our agents and their businesses and the happiness of our clients. The simple truth is, if your Customer Service is held to the highest standard, then growth is unstoppable.

The Executive Touch

Let our network increase your net worth.

In the competitive world of Real Estate, influence and access to top resources are essential for growth and success. As one of the largest Independent Brokerages in Connecticut, and with reach across the entire state, Executive is a genuine home for agents.

It’s important to join a company that has their pulse on the market. Let us show you how  we continually increase our market share year over year.

2017 Total Units: 1052.5
2016 Total Units: 941.5
2017 Total Volume: $237,128,448
2016 Total Volume: $187,554,651
2017 Average Sales Price to List Price: 96%
2016 Average Sales Price to List Price: 96%

Why Executive?

Join the Brokerage who’s dedicated to your success and development.

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Mentorship in any industry is important, but in real estate it can make or break your ability to maintain success in an ever-growing profession. Continually learning from available resources around you can help give you the competitive edge you need to stay relevant in your market. Without guidance we’d all be lost.

As in all professional careers, attending trainings and learning about the latest market trends are crucial to professional success. Real estate trainings help you stay current with the latest industry standards and regulations, as well as help you competitively market yourself as an in-the-know agent. We hold trainings weekly during the day as well as at night, so we can accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Coaching is crucial. If we don’t know your goals and where you’re trying to go, then we can’t help you get there. By doing Business Planning and having  accountability meetings we can ensure that; you keep your skills current, you stay motivated, you understand your clients, your productive and you’re continuing to grow your business.

Many companies no longer offer floortime, instead the calls are handled by a coordinator or routed directly to the listing agent. Floor Time is always available here and a total benefit, because it’s an additional opportunity to make money, floor time generates both buyer and seller leads and it helps you keep in touch with pulse of market.

Real estate agents have long drummed up business by courting homeowners who are trying to sell their homes solo or have failed at selling their properties in the past. Join us for Power Calling Hours where we provide you the data free of charge and really teach you the art of winning over Expired and FSBO listings.

In addition to being a member of every board in Connecticut, we also subscribe to all Multiple Listing Services offered within the state. This ensures that we have our pulse on what’s happening in the marketplace. Being licensed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York also guarantees that we have total overlapping coverage.

Inspired by a steadfast determination to elevate the field of play, Leverage Global Partners empowers an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies through shared intelligence, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity. When you become part of Leverage, you have access to a community of agents and brokers who appreciate quality and integrity while continually pushing ahead to grow their business.

The more we’re seen the more your clients are seen. All you need to do is enter your listings into MLS and the rest is done for you.

Maximize your exposure to Zillow visitors viewing ALL properties in your local market. If you’re serious about increasing your leads and growing your real estate business, becoming a Premier Agent can take your business to the next level. Executive pays for all agents to be Premier!

Imagine how simple running your business would be if you had an electronic CRM and digital filing cabinet? We thought it would be terrific, and that’s why Executive pays for DotLoop and Follow Up Boss for all our agents.


Angiolina Russo

Opportunities are limitless...

After I completed the licensing requirements to become a CT real estate agent, it was important that the broker I signed with shared a similar vision. This vision had to parallel what I saw to be important in terms of working with clients, and also my personal growth. After meeting Amy for the second time and her team, it was without a doubt that Executive Real Estate was the place where I would start my business. Amy and her team not only have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things real estate, but a passion to help new agents grow their business. With both one-on-one and group training sessions, Executive Real Estate is committed to the success of their agents, being sure they have the tools and skill set necessary to navigate any real estate transaction. Opportunities are limitless at Executive Real Estate. No matter how big or how small you set your personal business to be, Amy and her team support and value each agent’s goals.

Ryan Brown

...My home-away-from-home

I enjoy working at Executive it’s more than an office, it’s a big family – even my mother and other people I know have joined. It’s also given me the independent freedom and the knowledge I learned from my working alongside my broker. Executive is my home-away-from-home.

Todd Hatfield

...Provides free training

Having previously worked at 2 cookie-cutter Brokerages who were more concerned with charging my credit card for Market Center fees, Office fees, printing fees and paying Royalty fees on all of my commissions. It was refreshing to find a Brokerage that does not do this and actually help you when you have questions or problems and also provides free training.

Amy Rio

Hands-on Guidance

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Don’t fit the mold, 

create it!shape it!break it!

There truly is no other real estate firm like Executive. The talent, the energy, the innovative spirit. Success has many doors. We have all the keys. If you’re an experienced Realtor looking to grow your business, let us explain how Executive can elevate you both personally and professionally. If you’re new to Real Estate and looking to get your license, let us guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate, you’re future awaits. Contact us today!

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