‘Zombie-Proof’ Home | The Safe House

Could you imagine having the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell a home which was built to defend against a zombie apocalypse? How and to whom would you market this house to? How fast do you think it would sell and for what price?

The home, dubbed the “Safe House”, is located on the outskirts of Warsaw in Poland designed and built by KWK Promes during 2005 to 2009 is essentially a 6,100 square foot concrete cube, and when the house enters ‘sleep mode’, it will fold into itself sealing the occupants safely inside behind thick concrete walls.

The Safe House is a definite example of form and function. The only entrance into the home is on the second floor, across a lowering drawbridge, and then the visitors must enter a safety zone before being allowed to enter into the interior. There are walls which move out from the side of the house towards the exterior walls creating a courtyard/garden area, and can surround the property like a castle fortress. A huge roll down garage like door, made from white anodized aluminum, doubles as a movie projection screen when it closes down and also seals the patio completely inside. The windows feature thick concrete slabs for shutters which protects the glass like a bank vault. The home even comes complete with an indoor swimming pool.

Since there would be a lack of man made electricity during a zombie invasion, the safe house is powered mostly through renewable energy sources like solar collection and a heat pump, which are also both supported by gas heat. During the winter, the glazing behind the walls collects energy from the sun, and during the summer is keeps the heat from entering the home.

Can you think of a better place to wait out the apocalypse in such luxury?

More photos of safe house here and below.

architect: Robert Konieczny
collaboration: Marcin Jojko, Łukasz Zadrzyński
interior design: Magdalena Radałowicz-Zadrzyńska
site area: 2500 m2
usable floor area: 567m2
volume: 1719m3
design: 2004-2005
construction: 2005-2009

photos: Aleksander Rutkowski